Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan

Harold Cardinal and Walter Hildebrandt

The meaning of the Treaty relationship in the oral history of treaty Elders.

Lost Harvests

Sarah Carter

How government policy systematically undermined Indigenous farmers on the prairies.

Storying Violence

Gina Starblanket and Dallas Hunt

Unravelling colonial narratives in the Gerald Stanley trial.

The Reconciliation Manifesto

Arthur Manuel

An analysis of the colonial structures that reconciliation has left intact, and a vision for a healthy and honourable relationship between Canada and Indigenous Nations.


Land and Reconciliation

Philip Brass and Valerie Zink

The impacts of privatizing land on the treaty relationship.

The Myth of the Wheat King and the Killing of Colten Boushie

Darcy Lindberg

The colonial imagination and the importance of “deep unforgetting.”

We Built a Life from Nothing

Sheelah McLean

White settler colonialism and the myth of meritocracy.

Crises of Relationshp

Gina Starlanket

The role of treaties in contemporary Indigenous-settler relations.

Who Owns the Earth?

Antonia Malchik

The problem with private land ownership.


Covid-19, the Numbered Treaties, and the Politics of Life

Yellowhead Institute

Healthcare at the time of treaty-making into the present, and guidance for a future relationship rooted in mutual support and a politics of life.

An Annotated Guide to the (Mal)Interpretation of Confederation Era Treaties in Canada

Yellowhead Institute

The different understandings and expectations of treaties between settlers and First Nations.


First Nations of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre

First Nation reserves and language groups in Saskatchewan.

Treaty Boundaries of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre

Treaty boundaries, locations of First Nations, and treaty sites in Saskatchewan.


Reserve 107

Brad Leitch

In the small town of Laird, SK, an old injustice provided new opportunities for dialogue, friendship, and a determination to right the wrongs of the past.

nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

Tasha Hubbard

A stark history of colonialism on the Prairies and a vision of a future where Indigenous children can live safely on their homelands.


Land Back: Governance for a Just World

Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership

How to support a just and ecologically healthy future by redefining relationships and respecting Indigenous sovereignty, rights, and responsibilities.

Restoring Nationhood

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Addressing land dispossession in the Canadian reconciliation discourse.

Land Governance: Past. Present. Future

David Suziki Foundation

The historical context of Indigenous Peoples’ dispossession from the lands that sustain them and the policy landscape that created today’s environmental and social crises.

The Origins of the Buffalo Treaty

Buffalo Relations Institute

A backgrounder on the historic treaty to restore buffalo as free-ranging animals critical to Indigenous lifeways and the integrity of prairie ecosystems.


Unmaking Saskatchewan

Sara Birrell

This series examines how Saskatchewan's history impacts its present, and how we might be able to change its future.

Reconcile. Everyday Conversations

Mennonite Central Committee of Saskatchewan
Heather Peters

An interview with Leonard Doell from the Mennonite Central Committee about his work with the Young Chippewayan Nation and farms in the Laird area.

Treaty Governance and Indigenous Nationhood

Mylan Tootoosis with Jason Mercredi

Treaty nationhood, the oral vs written history of treaties, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.