640 acres of cultivated land including perennial hay and annual crops and 640 acres of pasture. Land includes natural bush, planted tree buffer zones, and wetlands including sloughs, runoff creeks, and dugouts. There are plenty of native plants including wild sages, wormwood, wild licorice, seneca, wolf willow, wild mint, cinquefoil, hawthorn, rose, water hemlock, morels, giant hyssop, wild bergamot, yarrow, and many more. Saskatoons, chokecherries, strawberries, buffalo berry, and sea buckthorn are all on site. Tree species include poplar, willow, and red osier dogwood. Deer, moose, beaver, coyote, fox, badgers, and ground squirrels are all using the land. There are also 50 breeding animals (cattle) on the land. All fencing is electric.


Al Boyko and Hélène Tremblay-Boyko
306-563-5341 or 306-571-7723