Murray Lake

Organic seed farm on 80 acres bordering Murray Lake. Close to Moosomin and Saulteaux First Nations. The land includes our seed growing gardens, natural bush areas (especially along the lake), and small hay fields, as well as a small amount of native prairie. Wild mint along the lakeshore as well as some small natural beach areas, wild chokecherries and saskatoon berries in various areas too. Some of the native plants present are sages, fireweed, goldenrod, wild onions, wood violets, wild flax, and more. Accessibility: some of the better areas for picking wild mint are hard to access - especially by the lakeshore, where you have to go down a steep bank. Another area that's good for picking will require a bit of wading in water (maybe ankle height). Be aware of steep banks by the lake. There is one beach area that is easily accessible and fairly flat.


Rachelle Ternier