3000 acres of native prairie and 2000 acres of tame, seeded pasture and hayland. Rolling hills and prairie potholes with some salt lakes. Wide range of native plants including sage, cactus, avens, prairie needle grass, wheatgrass, breadroot, winterfat, and many other grasses and forbs. Shrubs include willow, rose, snowberry, wolf willow, and hawthorn. Chokecherries are rare. Mule and some whitetail deer, pheasants, grouse, waterfowl, rabbits, etc. Some heritage sites including tipi rings. PLEASE NOTE that landholders would like to be contacted prior to visiting so they can share the location of cattle and how to enter pastures safely through electric fencing, as well as the presence of other hunters who may be accessing the land. Please also be aware that there are honeybee hives on site.


Laura and Mark Hoimyr
306-815-7191 or 306-815-7190