Connecting farmers and Indigenous land users.

About the Treaty Land Sharing Network

The Treaty Land Sharing Network connects farmers and other landholders with First Nations and Métis people needing safe access to land to practice their way of life. We are committed to honouring the Spirit and Intent of Treaties by sharing the land for mutual benefit.

Access Land

Find land in Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 that is accessible for gathering plants and medicines, hunting, ceremony, and other uses.

Share Land

Find out how to share the land that you farm or ranch with Indigenous land users.


“The Anishinabe require access to land in order to exercise their Treaty rights and meet the needs of the communities. The Treaty Land Sharing Network has not only opened access to privately held land, it has opened a possibility to build respectful and positive relationships based on the Treaty principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit."

– Angela Roque, Anishnabek Nation Treaty Authority